Experiential Design at MGM in National Harbor, Maryland

Today, I visited the MGM (Casino/Conference Center/Hotel) to check out this monster of a building. It's been open for about 6 months-ish now and I have heard incredible things about how beautiful it is inside. So with me and my trusty iPhone, I went to capture some of the experiential design elements built into the place. Definitely going to bring the DSLR next time for higher quality pictures. It's worth carrying that heavy thing for this.

Check the full video of the awesome designs I got to capture throughout the MGM.

*Note: The casino floor was definitely photo worthy but I didn't capture images. I DID NOT want to get thrown out for trying to beat the house or planning Ocean's Eight Part 2. Even though, I would not mind filming with Rihanna...total fan girl...just saying.

First, they have screens big & tall and short & small everywhere! 100s of digital interfaces outside of the building, in the elevator lobbies, along the hallways, strategically placed throughout the common areas, and on the casino floor. Some are dedicated to advertising, messaging, and announcements. Others are dedicated for digital media and art. The screen in the picture to the right is displaying movie advertisements for the movie theater (YES, IT HAS A MOVIE THEATER IN THIS PLACE! INCREDIBLE!).

MGM installs seasonal landscape architecture near the restaurants and casinos. For Spring, they installed this monster beauty (...can you be a beautiful monster....hmmmmmm?!). Anyway, it was breathtaking. The whole display was BANANAS or FLOWERS I should say. Huge rhinestones in these massive fabricated flowers, butterflies, a lover's swing and bridge, spring time music, and thousands of fresh flowers everywhere. Immersive and beautifully done. Perfect place to have lunch or dinner and absorb the environment.

I have a personal love for flowers because my name is Ayannah which means "Beautiful Flower." It's West African!

This is the atrium area view from the hotel and conference center level.

They also had these artistic sculptures on display from an artist named Liao Yibai. He is a Chinese sculptor who specializes in giant silver stainless steel pop-art sculptures. It's a huge silver Cinderella shoe with an over-the-top dragon as the decoration for the wish. I would love to see a human version of this shoe.

And this incredibly creative sculpture of the US Dollar and the Chinese Yen in a fight. It was so shiny!!!! Check out the full length video above to see a 360 view of both sculptures.

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