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Ayannah Buford, CEO & Creative Director

Before starting B.Brilliant, I spent 10 years as a systems engineer, user experience (UX) designer, and product/project manager for the federal government. I enjoyed my work designing websites and mobile applications, branding technical and non-technical initiatives, developing strategies and roadmaps, managing the delivery of medium-to-large scale technology deployments, and re-engineering technology processes.


I’ve worked for the largest defense contractor in the world and a Big 4 consulting firm. I've learned a tremendous amount about how to help an organization tell a new story that improves employee engagement, helps users accomplish their goals, and add thousands or millions to the bottom line.


A special message...

We work best with businesses and organizations who are excited about investing in quality services and discovering creative and engaging ways to create a positive environment for their residents. If you’re looking to improve your online presence and customer experiences, we think we’ll make a great team.

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"A well-designed experience should help you live your best life..."

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